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    PUMAY is an innovative and professional service provider for electronic and industrial applications. We manufacture and retail a wide range of high quality and customized standardized enclosures. We offer a variety of electronic industrial enclosures: aluminum enclosure, plastic housing, die-cast aluminum box 19-inch standard aluminum chassis, industrial chassis, sheet metal chassis, CNC precision machined parts, etc... Our team provides advanced new developments, excellent product quality, and excellent customer service.
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Location: Guangdong·
Address: Building 8, Guangfo Zhicheng, No. 85 Lingnan Road, Dali Town
Contact person: Jessie Zeng
TEL 15813615026
Mobile 15813615026
Zip: 528231
Website: https://www.pumay-aluminum.com/ |  http://www.hbtianranqi.com/uhome-1950
Register Date: 2019-09-04
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