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New Developed Superfine Powder Mill Scattered Depolymerization
Brand: Fengli Specification:
Location Fujian Pubdate: 2017-11-16
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Product Details


Technical features
  • Using the numerical simulation software to design a suitable crushing and split flow, optimize the grinding machine host and worm wheel air
  • flow structure design
  • Multi row and multi-layer device added to the machine to achieve multi-level material grinding
  • Machine internal airflow channel and crushing area work independently
  • Internal water cooling circulating device, suitable for grinding heat sensitive material (such as polyvinyl alcohol), It will not be deteriorated
  • as the material temperature rised during crushing process, such as Crushed polyvinyl alcohol to produce "bubble" material and make the
  • material color changed that affect the quality of products. At the same time also reduces the material flow with high rotation speed and
  • friction into a ball, so that more difficult to crush.
  • Installed power is small,Installed power one-fourth less than other similar models
  • The pulverizing hammer and the gear ring is made of super hard alloy materials through special processing, easy-wear parts are made of
  • wear-resistant processing, greatly improving the service life of the wearing parts, service life is 3-4 times than other similar models, and
  • greatly reduce the iron impurities (widely used in this manner)
  • A high degree of automation, the whole machine adopts the full closed negative pressure operation, the production environment is clean, no
  • dust pollution, dust emission is less than 20mg/m3 (national environmental protection standard ≤35mg/m3), completely meet the national
  • environmental protection requirements
   Technical parameter

Applicable range of materials
Nonmetal ore (graphite / calcium carbonate etc.), chemical (carbon black /ac foaming agent etc.), food (cocoa / soda etc.),Pesticide dilution powder 
(etcClassic case: wollastonite / attapulgite / diatomite / phosphate / ac foaming agent / ammonium phosphate / basic zinc carbonate / lithopone / silica / starch / meal / coco)
  ACM pulverizer flowchart
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