Foton Tractor
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Foton Tracor is a new generation wheeled tractor researched and developed by FOTON LOVOL according to market demand after introducing advantageous technologies at home and abroad. It is the most popular Chinese tractors for export. With a 2/3/4-cylinder engine, the basic utility model delivers great performance with outstanding economy for agriculture and grounds maintenance.

Recently, FOTON Europard TN2654 Tractor with 265HP (the strongest horsepower in Asia and China) has been successfully researched, indicating that FOTON LOVOL has accumulated enough strength to compete with American and European brands in tractor manufacturing field.

Large-horsepower tractor is technology-intensive product in machinery equipment industry. Also, it is one of the key indexes for evaluating one country's technical level in equipment. For a long period, domestic agricultural machinery manufacturers have made unceasing endeavor in exploring large-horsepower tractor, but failed to achieve breakthrough in this field. Overseas brands leverage technological monopoly to seek excess profit in large-horsepower agricultural machinery market. Furthermore, high price and after-sales expenditure of imported agricultural machinery set hurdle to marketing and popularization of large-scale agricultural machinery in Chinese market.

Over past years, FOTON LOVOL capitalized on its independent innovation system of 'integrating knowledge, integration & innovation' to continuously introduce, analyze, and convert European technologies, in addition, joined hands with international renowned enterprises in components resource field. Finally, it successfully researched FOTON Europard TN2654 large-horsepower tractor with independent intellectual property. Such tractor enjoys high efficiency, and its technical parameters are more advanced than domestic products. Thanks to the application of creative design philosophy, new technologies, and new techniques, such tractor enjoys the same configuration as imported ones. In addition, FOTON Europard TN2654 completely broke China's full dependency on import in above 200 HP tractor field, and greatly met the need for mechanized farming in large farm. Additionally, it plays a significant role in protective farming, dual work deep plough, soil structure improvement, and corn output increase. Furthermore, FOTON Europard TN2654 is of much importance in advancing output & efficiency and increasing farmers' income, and it lays solid foundation for scale-based development of Chinese agricultural machinery industry.


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